DEMI LONDON (She/They) / Executive Director

Traversing through the fields of art, culture, education, and parenting, Demi March London has become attached to experimental emergent spaces and the dialogical aesthetics of administration. Figuring out what ideas look like, and how to talk about them, is an integral part of progressing critical discourse; Demi finds encouragement and hope by advocating for different ways of knowing and being. 

Galleries and museums have a tendency to be ceremonial spaces for the performance of authority, and Demi has always admired artist-run centres for challenging this and interrogating notions of power and place. As Executive Director at Gachet, Demi aims to foster a reflective and inclusive culture of ideas, discourse, critique, and community – a safe space for creative experimentation and articulating vulnerability.


MOROTI GEORGE (He/They) / Programming Coordinator

Olumoroti Soji-George (Moroti George), is a MA candidate at SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts and a curator living in Vancouver. His research and curatorial practice revolves around envisioning accessible and community-centred art spaces, highlighting the stories of individuals in communities who shape and create new monumental environments. Moroti believes in using space to encapsulate agency and the lived experiences of individuals who are not only recognized, but valued and respected. 

As Programming Coordinator at Gallery Gachet, Moroti fosters connections between the DTES, the Vancouver art scene, and the rest of Canada. Moroti aims to mentor early career and underrepresented artists, to support them in exhibition and to ground their work in a pedagogy that furthers their stories and shares their profound experiences through their art. Moroti’s socially engaged programming is a testament to Gachet’s mandate to find space in this city to make art accessible and strengthen community through compassion and activism. 


ARLO HAVIXBECK (They/Them) / Communications Coordinator

Arlo Havixbeck is a multi-media artist who isolates and oscillates between digital and
tangible materials. They are fond of following curiosity to conduct material investigations through ceramics, woodwork, print making and other processes. They are most interested in exploring community narratives in relation to the construction of materials and iterate their findings within each of their works.

In their work in not-for-profit arts administration Arlo is most excited to skill share, engage in community mentorships, and reduce barriers for people to engage in digital art.


VIVIENNE BESSETTE (They/Them) / Membership, Facilities, and Installation Coordinator 

***Bio To Be Posted

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    Gallery Gachet is a unique artist-run centre located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Gachet is a collectively-run exhibition and studio space built to empower participants as artists, administrators and curators.


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